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  Lt. Colonel William Henry Chapman Society

  A North Carolina Military Roundtable

Lt. Col. William Henry Chapman Archives

The photos and documents on this archive page are the courtesy of Chapman Society members Chris & Carolyn Deike-Russell. 

Photos - Click on the thumbnail photo below to view a larger version of the picture . . . or on the "larger image" link if available for a still bigger image.

Post-war photo of Lt. Col. Chapman. - Added 11-17-08

Anniversary photo of Confederate veterans taken at the University of Virginia June 10-12, 1912. There appears to be a few students hanging around that just couldn't help getting into the picture. You can see them hanging around the rear of the assembly. One is even peeking over the shoulder of one of the veterans. Click here for a larger image of this photo. - Added 10-10-08

William Henry Chapman sitting at his Internal Revenue Service office desk in an undated post-war photo. - Added 09-07-08

Reunion Photo from Manassas, July 4th, 1911.

Click here for a larger image of this photo. - Added 08-13-08

Documents - Click on the bold description of the letter to see the entire document.

Letter from Chapman to his wife dated January 28, 1865. - "The Potomac is frozen nearly across all of their vessels are blocked up. If it wasn’t for the hardship our soldiers would have to undergo would be well if it would stay so until Grants Army would starve out." - Added 08-12-09

Letter from Chapman to his wife dated January 25, 1865. - "No Yankees have been on the Neck except since seven who landed to deliver a letter & left very soon after. I like this country very much & know you would like-it also & the people are very kind." - Added 06-11-09 

Letter from Chapman to his wife dated March 22, 1865. - "The rumors which you have heard are more than half false. The Yankee’s cannot make a line across the neck. It would be ridiculous to attempt it." - Added 03-29-09 

Letter to William from his wife Josephine dated January 12, 1865. - "I am so glad you went that way instead of going with the command for I heard today that two companies were captured on their way down . . . I would have suffered a thousand fears if you had been with them." - Added 03-27-09

Letter from Chapman to his brother dated February 5, 1864. - "Met with a party of Yankees and attacked them killing three wounding seven . . . ." - Added 01-17-09

Letter from Chapman to his wife written from the War Department on January 9, 1865. - "I just had an interview with the Sect. Of War, his office is so crowded that I had only a few minutes conservation with him he was very courteous. It is now 1 o’clock and at three I’ll start for Petersburg to Gen. Lees Hd. Qts." - Added 11-17-08

Letter from Chapman to his wife written at the Spotswood Hotel at 5:00 PM on January 11, 1865. - "I have hunted in about a dozen stores for a comb for you found one, Josie fifty-dollars I did not buy not because it was too high priced for you but because I thought I could get a better one for less money on the Northern Neck. Gold sold here to day for $66.00 This looks like confederate money would soon be worthless." - Added 10-10-08

Letter home from Chapman to his father dated January 3, 1865. - "Our part of the Battalion 43 Va. Battalion Mosby’s Command left this evening for the Northern Neck Sam in Command . . . They will have a cold and disagreeable night to start on." - Added 09-07-08

Letter home from Chapman at the Spotswood Hotel, Richmond, Virginia, dated January 11, 1865. - "I went to see Gen Lee & returned to the city yesterday. . . . Who would not fight for such a cause when they have such a leader." - Added 08-13-08